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At Polk Washers, we recognize that your house is your investment. You put time and money into it, and don’t want to see it be overrun with dirt, debris, mold, and other intrusive and ugly substances. Secure its long life and its curb appeal with our extensive range of services, making residential pressure washing in Orlando simple and easy. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you chose a reliable company-keeping each and every one of your home’s needs covered.

What Services We Offer - 


When considering residential pressuring washing in Orlando, remember to choose a company who knows a thing or two about the maintenance of a house and what it takes to get the job done right. Gutters are one of the most important facets of any building. They’re the function that protects your structure from water damage. Gutters require periodic maintenance to work properly and without cleaning, they cannot do their job. If this happens, you may end up paying the price.

Our team will completely clear your gutters of buildup and ensure that they have a clear flow. After unclogging your gutters and clearing them out, we wash the exterior to boost the aesthetics of your house. Because of this, your house won’t be exposed to water damage, and you will end up saving money.

ROOF WASHING  "softwash only - no pressure used"

Your roof is the most important part of your home, so you need to maintain it and take great care of it for the sake of its functionality and quality. The same soft washing technique that we use on your siding, we apply to your roof as well, eliminating bacteria that would otherwise harm your roof and take away from the overall appeal of your home.

We have the expertise to remove those nasty black and green stains (mold), growth (moss), and slime (mildew and algae) with care. Our residential pressure washing in Orlando will provide solutions for a range of roofing material types, be it wood, asphalt, ceramic, or metal.

HOUSE WASHING "softwash only - no pressure used"

House washing is exactly like it sounds, a bath for your home! Our team gets rid of the dirt, algae, mud dobbers and mildew on your home exterior to prevent long-term damage and leaving it looking just like new. We realize how much of an investment your home is and we would like to keep it looking vibrant and new. Our team uses soft washing to eliminate dirt and other stains, keeping your house revitalized and healthy. This low-pressure approach allows us to be meticulous when removing unwanted messes and stains on your home, giving us the freedom to remove everything you need, without damaging your siding.

We use cutting-edge equipment and proven-effective cleansers to ensure that our clients only get the best results possible. Our approach works well on virtually any home surface, from vinyl siding to brick to stucco or even wood homes. We start by spraying detergents to the entire homes surface, some areas may require multiple applications. We then look for areas that may need even more attention, such as a hornets nest or mud dobbers in the corner by the front door, in which we take the time to use a small rotary brush to remove the dirt/ debris! After which, we rinse the entire home down. This process can take from a few hours to all day depending on the size of the home!


We do all sorts of surface cleaning, such as concrete, brick pavers, travertine, stamped concrete, textured, etc. The most common is a concrete driveway, which gets dirty quickly from all the rain Central Florida receives. We recommend driveways, patios, etc to be cleaned yearly! This can drastically change the look of your property.

Our process starts by applying a pretreatment of detergents/ soaps to help loosen all the dirt, grime and debris. We then use a hot water surface cleaner to apply even pressure to all areas of the surface to bring it back to life. Once we do that, our team will touch up corners, edges and areas the surface cleaner couldn’t reach using a fan tip on a wand.


Next the driveway is completely rinsed, and finally post treated with to remove any further algae/ mildew. This will leave a long lasting clean! If you do not do the pre and post treatments, the driveway will not be 100% clean, as our detergents remove everything down to the pores.

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