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-GF Blend Manifold-


Have you wanted to stop mixing you tank prior to going to a job. And potentially wasting that batch becuase it was too strong?


Here at have put together a blend manifold that will let you mix all you jobs on site.


Manifold includes all polypropelyne fitting, so not to worry about the effects of SH anymore.


- 1/2 water line

- 1/2 SH line

- 1/4 soap line

- 2 GF metering valve (best valve you can buy)

- 1 GF on / off locking valve for water

all lines are equipped with a check valve to prevent back filling your tanks.


This manifold is recommended to be ran in conjunction with a 5.5GPM or 7GPM 12V pump, can also be hooked up to a air powered unit as well.

PressureWash407 Proportioner System Extreme

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