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People come from miles around to rent pressure washers from the Polk Washers because we have the experience, expertise, and motive to be in the business. We started this shop because it seemed like the industry was run by outsiders who had no clue what the best products, techniques or equipment needed to work sustainably, efficiently and comfortably.  

We give free demonstrations before you leave the shop so you know exactly how to use the machine best:

WHY RENT FROM Polk Washers?

  • Reliability - machine and equipment rentals from the Polk Washers are inspected scrupulously before we even show them to anyone for possible rentals

  • Save Money - renting is way cheaper than buying a decent pressure washer for the casual once-or-twice-a-year users and those infrequent one-off jobs

  • Huge Selection - choose between gas, electric, power washers, soft wash machines, flat surface cleaners and more, plus pick up the detergents at Polk Washers too

Pick the correct unit for your job!!


8gpm 3500psi Skid


4gpm 4k PSI Skid


4gpm 4k Portable

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